The Village Event Centre Rental FAQ

Q. Can I pay with credit card?
A. Yes you can pay with a credit card, but the credit card does come with a 3% service fee. A check or cash is also welcomed, if the fee is not acceptable to you. Please make checks payable to PS Management Inc.

Q. How long do we have the venue for?
A.  You have the venue from 9 am to midnight, 11:00 p.m. is last call for alcohol. Vendors need enough time to exit the venue by midnight. If extra hours needed, let the venue know, otherwise a $650 up-charge fee will apply if not out by contracted time.

Q. How many bars do you have?
A. We have a coffee bar and a beverage bar for bartender use, bars cannot be moved.

Q. Can we bring in our own vendors?
A. We would love for you to use our preferred vendors as we feel they are the best for the space, great at what they do, and can bring the best out of your event…but it’s not required. There are fees that apply. Please have your caterers, if not offered through the barn, contact us asap, for requirements and serving through The Village Event Centre.

Q. Does The Village Event Centre help flip rooms and move tables and chairs where need be
before and after wedding?

A. The White Sparrow can assist site planning, given by the clients/renters, as well as clean-up after your event.  Clients are still responsible for room flips, trash pick up and gathering personal belongings after event.

Q. What’s the max capacity for the space inside?
A. The Centre can hold 250 people standing, 250 seating (auditorium) or 150 with tables.

Q. Do you need security at your event?
A. Security will be present at all events where alcohol is present and/or exceeds 150 guest, this is taken care of with The Village Event Centre.

Q. Can we use Sparklers?
A. Yes. As long as the Sparklers are handled at least 8 feet away from the Event Centre and put out in the correct manner, either with your coordinator or someone assisting the event.

Q. Can we drive on grass to unload?
A. No.  The only area to unload are the front doors or from behind The Event Centre.  Absolutely no vehicles allowed on grass for any reason.

Q. Are tents & stages allowed on the property?
A. Yes.

Q. What’s expected before/during/after wedding and clean-up instructions:

  • No rough housing, throwing balls, items in the building

  • Walk through done after the event

  • Facility day use is from (9 a.m. – 12 midnight) extra time will be charged accordingly

  • Any person can be asked to leave the premises if The Village Event Centre staff deems necessary to protect the venue or event

  • Caterers must pick up all trash left by their company

  • All property of The Village Event Centre must be accounted for before family leaves

  • If assistance is needed at anytime during the wedding day please ask a staff member and He or She will gladly assist where needed.

  • Lights are preset, if adjustments need to be made please ask a staff member for assistance

  • Temperature is set by staff only, if changes need to be made please ask a staff member

  • Vehicles are NOT to be left on the property/parking lot overnight after event, towing will be enforced

The staff at The Village Event Centre is committed to making your day unforgettable, with your assistance we will work together to ensure your event is a dream. Please treat the space with respect and be courteous of all staff members. We look forward to hosting your next amazing event.